Highlights from the offer:


– 890 RSD

Chocolate souffle

– 480 RSD

Homemade sausage

– 810 RSD

Salad with grilled beef on a crispy tortilla

– 1380 RSD

You can order your favorite Ceger food for delivery. The minimum order is 2500 dinars, and the delivery service is at no extra cost, the expected delivery time is 30 to 60 minutes, and orders are received every day from 10:00 to 22:00. Order the delivery on 011/4065-794!


BREAKFAST / Served until 13h
Oatmeal - choice of fruit310
Croissant - jam, nutella, honey200
Croissant - ham and cheese 250
Ceger breakfast - eggs, deep fried cheese, hot dogs, tarator salad, cherry tomatoes580
Omelette / Fried egg vegetables, cheese, ham or bacon - by your choice360
French Toast380
Traditional Serbian fritters 350
Toast Sandwich with ham and emmental cheese 330
Ciabatta with prosciutto and emmental cheese410
Ciabatta with chicken, pesto sauce and mozzarella410
Ciabatta with tuna410
Club sandwich 670
Croque madame - baked sandwich with ham, gruyere cheese, topped with fried egg680
Smoked salmon and avocado sandwich960
Pate de campagne - home made rustic country terrine890
Beef steak tartare - hand cut1400
Goose liver terrine1800
Prosciutto plate 1090
Cheese selection plate 1090
Bone marrow - parsley, onion 890
Bruschetti tomato - prosciutto and mozzarella420
Tempura - seasonal vegetables, prawns, squid 1100
Goulash soup410
Beef soup 350
Pottage of the day 300
Green salad mix | big | standard680 | 380
Fresh vegetable salad350
Turšija | pickled salad300
Cherry & Feta cheese380
Ajvar | roast pepper jam salad 60gr | 150gr180 | 350
Prawn salad1150
Grilled beef salad | crispy tortilla base 960
Caesar salad 860
Grilled salmon salad930
Grilled vegetable and chicken salad 860
“Mirocki” cheese salad860
Tuna salad790
Chicken and vegetables risotto810
Mushroom risotto 810
Prosciutto and mushroom tagliatelle850
Tagliatelle with prawns and botarga - dried fish stew1250
Tagliatelle with prawns in tomato souce1100
Tagliatelle Bolognese 820
Tagliatelle Carbonara820
T-bone steak, 1kg a selection of our own 30 day dry aged beef cuts3600
Rib-eye steak, 1kg a selection of our own 30 day dry aged beef cuts3100
Slow cooked veal | potato purée1250
Beef steak 1680
Beef tagliata | served on rocket with shaved parmesan cheese and homemade dried tomatoes1750
Burger 890
Sausage Ceger 810
Pork Belly | alapeno, aioli, cilantro850
Ribs 820
Smoked pork knuckle, 1kg1350
Rolled chicken breast with creamy truffle sauce950
Chicken Wok | vegetables 870
Chicken sticks 820
Grilled chicken fillet760
Smoked trout filet cous-cous, hummus980
Squid grillled | fried 1240
Grilled salmon1380
“Cochinillo” - Spanish pork for 6 persons - 4 side salads, cheese and ‘kajmak’ mix, ‘bakers’ potato large ‘pogaca’ - traditional home baked bread21000
Wedgis potato, 200gr 250
French fries, 200gr250
Grilled vegetables, 200gr250
Rice, 200gr250
Grilled Miroc cheese, 200gr420
Sauce 4 types of cheese, 150gr250
Pepper sauce, 150gr250
Truflle sauce, 150gr250
Nutela cake380
Tiramisu 420
Cheese cake 360
Chocolate Soufflé 420
Hazelnut and White Chocolate Cream 420
Urmasice - Traditional Turkish cake250
Wheat berry dessert290
Fruit salad 300
Fruit cup 360
Banana split 420
Ice cream, ball 100
Whipped cream, ball60
Pizza Margherita650
tomato, mozzarella, basil, oregano, olives
Pizza Cappriccioza750
tomato, cheese, mushrooms, ham, oregano, olives
Pizza Calzone750
tomato, cheese, ham, mushrooms
Pizza Quattro Formagi800
tomato, mozzarella, gorgonzola and cheese
Pizza Prosciutto950
tomato, cheese, prosciutto, arugula, cherry, parmesan
Pepperoni pizza850
tomato, cheese, sausage, hot peppers
Pizza Brie950
tomato, cheese, pancetta, prosciutto, brie cheese, cheddar cheese, egg
Pizza Ceger980
tomato, mozzarella, tomato konkase, bresaola, zucchini, black olives, parmesan
Pizza Vladimir950
Pizza with a stuffed crust

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Cafe & bar

We know how much coffee is important to everyone, so we try to make our really good, and we offer Buondi espresso coffee.

In addition, we also offer Dolcezza teas, hot chocolate, boiled wine, cold-fried fruit juices, soft drinks and juices, beers, wines, alcoholic spirits and cocktails.

It’s all there that the skillful hands of our bartenders make you feel great!


A few months ago, in cooperation with Mirko Stojic, the legend of the Belgrade culinary scene, we made a fantastic menu that will not leave any visitors indifferent.

In addition to the usual breakfasts, delicacies and light meals, we also offer fantastic meat specialties made from aged beef, burgers, selection of preheat salads. There is also an indispensable Mediterranean cuisine, a selection of fish specialties but also great pasta and risotto.

Work hours

We believe that each of us has to have a place where he can always rely on and where he will always have a safe harbor.

That’s why we work 365 days a year, and sometimes 366!

Every day from 07:30 to 00:00
Friday and Saturday from 07:30 to 01:00

Ceger cafe


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